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3SGTE Crank Bearing Failure

After the bearing failure on my MR2 Turbo, 3SGTE, I’ve been investigating bearing failures.

There are a couple of very good guides which provide an example of a number of different bearing failure modes.

MAHLE / Clevite bearing failure analysis: http://www.wilmink.nl/Clevite/Clevite_lagerschade_tech_info.pdf

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3SGTE Mk2 MR2 Turbo Lambda/Oxygen Sensor Part Number

I had real trouble finding a suitable alternative oxygen/lambda probe for my 1992 Rev 2 MR2 Turbo. I can’t find the original Denso part number at the moment, but I managed to find that a Denso DOX-0107 fits the flange size correctly and is 1-wire, it just requires soldering to the original connector. It’s got a Flange 44 type flange which apparently matches the 3SGTE.

I got it from http://service-parts.co.uk/denso-oxygen-sensor-dox-0107

Update 2020 – This sensor is still working strong! So can confirm it is a suitable alternative to the standard Rev 2 MK2 MR2 Turbo Oxygen Sensor