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WordPress sticky header

I didn’t finish this, but I will leave this post here in case anyone is interested in the jsFiddle

I’ve seen a new style of header around recently which I really like. It’s like a normal header, but once you being scrolling down the page, it sticks to the top as if it was position:fixed.

WordPress auto capitalises the ‘press’ in WordPress!

I’ve just noticed that when I type in a post title the word ‘WordPress’ and preview the post, it comes out as ‘WordPress’. This only works if you have the first letter as a capital ‘W’ and not lower case (which I guess is correct since it’s assuming you mean the proper noun).


Just thought that was strange, I’ll see if I can see why it does it later.

New Blog

So, I’ve finally created a blog in lieu of a fully blown website. I’ve been planning on building a personal site for a long time, but now I’m working, never seem to have the time. So, for the 5 minutes it took to set up, WordPress will do. At any rate, it would take me a very long time to create something as functional and featureful

So I intend mostly on posting about developing in PHP, Javascript/jQuery, HTML, CSS and MySQL. I hope to begin developing on Android soon too.