ADATA SX8200 Pro Review

I’ve recently built a new PC, and was looking for a suitable SSD. SSDs now come in a new mount-direct-to-motherboard format called M2, and are much much faster than previous SATA SSDs.

See my review after the link

I was comparing a number of options including the WD Blue drive, but found that the ADATA offered the best balance of price and speed. At the time, I paid £71.99 for it in March 2020, but already in April it looks like they’ve gone up another £15 to about £87 – not sure if that’s memory pricing, or demand (I imagine many offices are buying PCs due to coronavirus).

One thing I would like to start seeing is companies using less single use plastic in the product packaging !

You can see the full test results as well as an unboxing and review in the video below:

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