3SGTE Crank Bearing Failure

After the bearing failure on my MR2 Turbo, 3SGTE, I’ve been investigating bearing failures.

There are a couple of very good guides which provide an example of a number of different bearing failure modes.

MAHLE / Clevite bearing failure analysis: http://www.wilmink.nl/Clevite/Clevite_lagerschade_tech_info.pdf

More examples after the break

This is an example of significant but failly normal bearing wear pattern (found on the internet: http://www.f150forum.com/f89/laundry-list-278074/index2/ )


Done second hand con rods I bought have a similar wear pattern but less severe


The bearings in my engine were destroyed, probably by poor oil quality


There are some more good comparisons of failure types here:

Mine looks most like the complete lubrication failure.

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