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Scalzo Piston Deactivation Engine – Whole cylinder deactivation

Some engines can ‘deactivate’ cylinders by preventing the valves from actuating, and hence inhibiting any airflow through that cylinder. This is great for part load conditions, as it reduces some of the pumping losses of the engine. This system doesn’t quite achieve full cylinder deactivation though, as the piston still moves up and down in the cylinder, hence some energy is still lost to friction. The Scalzo ‘Piston Deactivation Engine’, however, can deactivate the whole cylinder and stop the piston from moving. Continue reading

Convert LaTeX tables into HTML

Update: Here’s a much better version of this that someone has obviously spent a lot of time on – which I had found it before! You can import TeX by going to Tools-> Import (although it doesn’t appear to work for my tables).

I have just converted my undergrad dissertation project from a document written in LaTeX to HTML to display on the web for anyone who is interested in Lego Mindstorms, or flocking. Continue reading

WordPress sticky header

I didn’t finish this, but I will leave this post here in case anyone is interested in the jsFiddle

I’ve seen a new style of header around recently which I really like. It’s like a normal header, but once you being scrolling down the page, it sticks to the top as if it was position:fixed.