Monthly Archives: February 2012

WordPress auto capitalises the ‘press’ in WordPress!

I’ve just noticed that when I type in a post title the word ‘WordPress’ and preview the post, it comes out as ‘WordPress’. This only works if you have the first letter as a capital ‘W’ and not lower case (which I guess is correct since it’s assuming you mean the proper noun).


Just thought that was strange, I’ll see if I can see why it does it later.

Setting up a Galaxy S for ADB

So, I thought it would be as easy as plugging the phone in, but it’s not, and obviously the drivers are impossible to find.

  1. Ensure application debug mode is turned on on your phone. (Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging)
  2. Plug the phone in (probably won’t automatically find the drivers – didn’t on XP anyway)
  3. Download the drivers from here: Samsung Galaxy S USB Debug Drivers @samsung
  4. Check your device is installed and connected by opening a command prompt and running “android_SDK_path/platform-tools/adb devices”
  5. You should then be able to ‘Run’ your application as normal from Eclipse and it will download it to your phone and provide you with debugging info.

Unsupported configuration: sampleRate 44100, format 1, channelCount 1

I believe that my problem in the last post regarding the Unsupported configuration¬†in the AudioRecord class was because I hadn’t enabled the ‘Audio Playback Support’ and ‘Audio Recording Support’ for my virtual device

No, that didn’t work, still have the same problem. I have made sure that I added the required permission in the manifest.xml: Continue reading