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Closed Loop Ignition Timing Control

I have been busy over the last few weeks with various things, but have now completed most of the practical work on my project and am now at the stage of writing up the report/dissertation. I have successfully managed to achieve closed loop ignition timing control by using the Stellaris Launchpad development board to directly interface with the optical encoder on the engine and the pressure sensor charge amplifier (this replaces the AVL IndiSet 620 in my system).

ECU in black on left, angle of peak pressure and optical encoder interface on right. Connected together via serial

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Light Bulb Load

When testing engines, some method to ‘load’ it is required. If the engine crank shaft is not connected to anything, then the engine will just be able to run up to maximum speed very quickly, but will not be producing much torque. If you want to begin testing how the engine performs if you actually want to do some work with it, then you need a way of making the engine produce torque and power.

Light Bulb Load with switches (upside down)

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How Torque varies with Air to Fuel Ratio

For my Stellaris Launchpad engine simulator, I wished to add a calculation of the Air to Fuel Ratio (AFR) or lambda/equivalence ratio for the current engine conditions. I did this crudely by using the throttle position, engine speed (this->s) and current fuel pulse width (this->F) as factors in calculating the AFR:

this->AFR = (0.32666 * this->s * this->throttle)/(this->F);

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