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Duke Axial Engine

So a friend told me about the Duke Axial Engine the other day. It’s certainly a very interested idea and does produce some clever solutions to some of the fundamental complexities and disadvantages to the reciprocating internal combustion engine. I always like the idea of novel engine designs, and this one certainly looks like it has potential. Take a look at the video followed by some analysis after the break.

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Scalzo Piston Deactivation Engine – Whole cylinder deactivation

Some engines can ‘deactivate’ cylinders by preventing the valves from actuating, and hence inhibiting any airflow through that cylinder. This is great for part load conditions, as it reduces some of the pumping losses of the engine. This system doesn’t quite achieve full cylinder deactivation though, as the piston still moves up and down in the cylinder, hence some energy is still lost to friction. The Scalzo ‘Piston Deactivation Engine’, however, can deactivate the whole cylinder and stop the piston from moving. Continue reading