Setting up the engine

I spent yesterday setting up the engine and equipment that I will need for the project. The engine is mounted on a frame with a car alternator as the load. The frame is then stood on a trolley which can be moved around. Some driving circuitry for the fuel injector and ignition coil has already been built and is also mounted to the trolley. There is also a conditioning circuit for the Variable Reluctance Sensor (VRS) to process the toothed wheel sensor output into a nice clean square wave ready to input to a microcontroller. The engine can be run using the stock carburettor, or with a fuel injector, and can use the stock magneto ignition or electronically controlled coil ignition.

I’ve set up a PC on the trolley to use to reprogram my ECU, and an Oscilloscope to measure signals. I forgot to take pictures, but will add them later when I do.

Update: pictures available hereĀ

2 thoughts on “Setting up the engine

  1. Gawnie


    I am also interested in interpretting the speed from a VRS into a Arduino Digital pin. What signal conditioning circuit did you end up using?


    1. Scott Snowden Post author


      I actually used a custom circuit using an Op-Amp as a comparator and a Zener diode to limit the input voltage.

      To be honest I would look at purchasing existing options, unless you really want to DIY. This is for the Megasquirt ECU, but would likely work for anything.



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