ESP8266 Development Board Update

I have now determined that The DIP switch no 8 does indeed connect GND to GPIO pin 0, and switch S2 is also connected to the same pin. This means that to put the board into reprogramming mode to reflash the ESP8266, the DIP switch 8 should be ON (or hold down S2, but probably not a good idea)

Switch S3 connects GND to GPIO Pin 2.


One thought on “ESP8266 Development Board Update

  1. CatalinB

    Correct. S3 connects GND to GPIO2. Can be used to test an interrupt on GPIO2.
    For example if you don’t have a PIR, but want to write some code to act on a PIR detection, you can use the
    the S3 to simulate it.

    It is a very good board.


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