FIXED: Windows 10 Logitech MK850/M720 Triathlon Mouse Freeze/Unresponsive

I have just bought a new Logitech MK850 keyboard and mouse combo – primarily for the multiple device support – and so far so good (The keyboard is a little mushy though – especially the backspace key, but hoping I’ll get used to it).

However – one problem I did find was that when sometimes, when my PC was either heavily loaded or reading a lot of data from internal disk, the mouse would and keyboard would freeze and become unresponsive.

I’m using the Unifying receiver in this case, and have it plugged into a USB 3.0 Hub port on the front of my PC. Searching online appeared showed a thread where someone had a similar issue, and suggested making sure it’s plugged in to a USB 2.0 not USB 3.0 port on the PC. I’ve just moved the port, at this appears to fix it!

TLDR; Plug into a USB 2.0 port, not a USB 3.0 port!

UPDATE 03/09/2020
My freezing and unresponsive issues seem to have returned, but I don’t know what I’ve changed. I’ve now tried moving the unifying dongle from the USB port in the front hub to the rear instead, but that doesn’t appear to have fixed the issue.

FIXED: Arduino IDE High CPU Usage

I’ve been using the Arduino IDE for some project development recently, and finding that I’m getting very high CPU usage from Java to the point that it’s slowing my machine down, and then Arduino IDE becomes unresponsive. I couldn’t find any info on any of the forums related to this, but from my own research I believe I have found the problem.

It seems that my problem comes after a long time connected to the Serial Monitor and receiving data from the Arduino. It then gets worse and worse until things start getting unresponsive. The solution for me appears to be to basically just close the Serial Monitor, and reopen it. this can sometimes take a long time, and has caused Arduino to become unresponsive before, causing it to crash and restart. However, this appears to have been the only time I have seen this problem online.

PC Components Price Increases! Due to Coronavirus?

Just last week, I bought a new set of PC components, and I think I got a fairly reasonable price, but it’s now gone up by £15, and all the other components I bought are no longer available.

I wonder whether Coronavirus is having an impact on PC component availability and prices. Certainly I know my work place have had to purchase a load of new Laptops in order to support home working arrangements.

There’s an interesting Ebuyer Price tracker available here:

Which shows the recent price fluctuations – had I have bought in January, I could have got it £20 cheaper!

How to: Honda Civic Type R EP3 Anti Roll Bar Bush Change

I had to change the anti roll bar bushes on my Civic EP3. I was getting a knocking noise, and upon investigation it turned out that they were really loose, and you could basically move the anti roll bar by hand. I got the parts from Eurocarparts (probably not the best quality – would suggest a better Motorfactors), and they were easy to change within 5 minutes with just a 14mm socket!

Check out the video below

FIXED: Realtek Audio Front Panel Issue/ASRock B450M

I have just built a new PC with an ASRock B450M Steel Legends motherboard, which has Realtek ALC892 onboard audio. I’ve also installed a front panel audio input, and connected it to the header on the motherboard. I’ve then got Windows 10 installed, and faithfully installed the Realtek motherboard drivers from the ASRock Website (I knew I shouldn’t have done that!)

However, I have been having an issue that audio from Windows was only coming through from the device which was plugged in on power up – so if I plugged in the headphone, it wouldn’t detect them, or if I unplugged them once booted, it would not switch to speakers – I also didn’t get two outputs in the sound bar part of the task bar like so:

Expected display of audio output options

In order to fix this, I ended up rolling the drivers back to the Microsoft version, and this appears to have fixed it.

Rollback Realtek drivers to Windows 10 version

Arduino Vidor CAN bus support

Arduino have just announced a bunch of new boards, including one with an on board FPGA chip (plus a SAMD21 Cortex-M0+, plus an ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth Module). A Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chip is possibly the most impressive piece of electronics going. They are essentially a way of creating entirely custom digital electronic circuits (resistors and transistors) all inside a tiny chip, and completely reprogrammable – genius!

See more about the Arduino Vidor CAN bus support after the break.

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Motorola G6 Amazon Exclusive – Delayed, Where is it?

So, over two weeks ago now, I ordered the Motorola G6 from Amazon. The Amazon Exclusive version has 4GB RAM (an extra GB over the standard) and 64GB internal storage (as opposed to the 32GB on the standard). At the time, it was available for Pre-order, and said it would be dispatched on Wednesday the 16th May (although I’m sure when I first looked at it, it was due on the 9th May). So, I pre-ordered, bought a case, spare USB C charging cables, and screen protector, signed up for prime (there was a 1 week offer) and looked forward to receiving my new Motorola G6 on Thursday the 17th…

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